Professional Education Opportunities

The education programs we offer are based in the two core values which underlie the centre – authentic relationships and the discernment of purpose. In any of our courses participants will have engaging and creative opportunities to engage in the following areas:

  • To engage in reflective conversation about their clinical practice with colleagues.
  • To articulate how their attitudes, values, assumptions and personal story influences the care they offer.
  • To reflect upon relationships with peers, supervisors and inter-disciplinary staff and name the ways these relationships impact on their identity and practice.
  • To reflect on the ethical considerations associated with patient care and collegial relationships.
  • To reflect upon particular professional encounters within the framework of their personal belief system.
  • To reflect upon the meaning of their professional role in relation to their personal belief system.

Our courses are open to anyone who works with people experiencing life’s key moments and transitions. Our students include health care workers, educators, aged care and hospice workers, leaders, religious and spiritual care professionals, emergency and law personnel and any whose work is related to the wellbeing of people.

Education for Wellbeing Professionals and Advocates

In an increasingly busy and fragmented work culture, the need for supporting the wellbeing of employees is becoming more widely recognised. Many different wellbeing philosophies and programs are emerging with varied results. The success of the Royal Perth model of Wellbeing and Sustainable Practice is due in part to its foundation in what has traditionally been called pastoral or spiritual care – a discipline which is rooted in the values of supporting authentic relationship and nurturing the sense of meaning and purpose. Key to both of these values is self-awareness and the ability to reflect on the intersection of one’s life experiences and one’s role or practice.

Educational program structure is flexible to ensure compatibility with various work demands/participants availability. Some material is experiential and relational in nature and can only delivered through face-to-face contact in small groups. Other material can be delivered on-line or by video presentation. Cost of each program will vary depending on content and participant numbers.

Contact us and we will work with you to provide an education event that meets the needs of your wellbeing professionals, or group leaders/facilitators.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) – Education and Formation for Reflective and Compassionate Practice

Since the 1970s, Royal Perth Hospital has been providing Clinical Pastoral Education training, with a particular focus on people engaged in pastoral ministry/chaplaincy in a formal faith tradition. In recent years an increasing number of doctors and clinical practitioners from Nursing and Allied Health are expressing interest in the CPE course and enrolling in it. They report a greater ability to show compassion and empathy to the patients for whom they provide care, and deeper satisfaction in their work.

We now welcome applications from anyone whose work involves accompanying people through the key moments of their life experience – healthcare workers, educators and leaders – regardless of their belief system.

Professional Development and Education in the community

Our staff are available to provide education and training on a variety of topics related to wellbeing. Contact us and we will work with you to provide an education event to meet the needs of your team.

Last Updated: 06/07/2022