Private Patients

Royal Perth Hospital is committed to providing a high standard of care and treatment to every patient. Patients with private health insurance have the choice to be treated as either a public or private patient.

Regardless of financial status, all patients receive the same quality of treatment and range of services. However, there are additional benefits for patients choosing to use their private health insurance. These benefits include:

  • choice of Specialist Doctor where possible
  • television rental
  • newspapers
  • car parking
  • phone calls
  • visitor meals
  • toiletries pack on admission (including tissues, shampoo and conditioner, shower cap, vanity set, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)

A private patient with appropriate hospital cover has no out of pocket expenses for their hospital stay and procedures (e.g. hospital accommodation, prosthetics, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees, pharmaceuticals, etc).

Your Specialist Doctor/Consultant will provide medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he or she advises you differently. You should discuss the cost directly with your specialist.

As a private patient, you are entitled to:

  • personalised treatment by specialist doctors
  • private patient incentives.

Specialist doctor

As a private patient you are treated personally by a consultant, an experienced specialist doctor. If you require surgery, this will be performed by your specialist surgeon, and the anaesthetic will be administered by a specialist anaesthetist unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Private room

As a private patient, you can request a single room. We trust you understand that priority is given to patients according to medically-assessed special needs.

Our hospital

By using your private health insurance, the money received assists our hospital to buy additional, new and replacement equipment, maintain facilities, undertake more elective surgery to help reduce patient waiting time and continue to provide a better service.

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Last Updated: 23/06/2022