Accessing Radiology Information

What is the best way to access my Radiology information?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information which can be accessed securely online at any time. Once your My Health Record is activated, your health information will be updated automatically by your healthcare professionals and Medicare. Your RPH Radiology reports will be displayed via this program, provided you have not opted out.

Your My Health Record will include your radiological reports, your medical conditions, treatments, medications, allergies, hospital discharge summaries, referral letters and other Medicare data. It will be your choice on who can access your My Health Record and what information is listed. You can ask for information to be omitted.

If you decide you no longer wish to have a My Health Record, it can be cancelled at any time. All information will be permanently deleted from the system. It is protected by up-to-date technology, strict regulations and legislations regarding who can view your information and how it can be used.

For more information regarding My Health Record, or to access your Radiology reports, navigate to the website My Health Record and view your records online.


What information can I request from RPH Radiology?

Patients can request a copy of their Radiology Final Reports and Images performed exclusively at Royal Perth Hospital Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Requests can be made for access to view only images, reports exclusively, or both if required.


How do I request RPH Radiology information?

If you have opted out of My Health Record, you can apply through the Imaging Services Department of Royal Perth Hospital to request RPH Radiology information.

In accordance with departmental procedures, applications must:

  • be lodged in writing to the Imaging Services department in person, by means of post or via email
  • contain the completed “Application for RPH Radiology Information” form
  • provide accurate information to enable the requested documents to be identified (e.g. full patient name including previous names if applicable and date of birth, date and description of studies)
  • provide an email address for delivery of the requested Radiology information
  • if possible, include a day-time telephone contact number
  • contain a copy of proof of identification (e.g. Driver’s licence, Medicare card etc)

Please fill out all fields of the Application for RPH Radiology Information form. 

Please return it with a copy of your ID to

Alternatively, a printed version of the form may be mailed to you upon request, by contacting the RPH Imaging Services Department on (08) 9224 1386.


How can I request RPH Radiology information for someone else?

If you are requesting Radiology information for someone other than yourself, it is a requirement that you provide written authority and proof of identification of both the patient and the requestor. There is a section available on the Application for RPH Radiology Information form to complete. If written consent is not possible for any reason, please contact RPH Imaging Services to discuss your options.

If you are applying for information about a deceased person, you must provide your identification, and supporting documentation that clearly shows you are the closest relative to that person (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate).

If you are not the closest relative, you must provide written authorisation from the closest relative permitting you to access the information.


Is there a fee for this service?

There are no fees or charges to obtain RPH Radiology results.


How long does it take?

Upon receipt of a valid application form, Imaging Services at RPH will process your request. If you are requesting images only, the time frame for completion is within 5 business days.

If Radiology reports have been requested, this process can take several weeks to complete as Radiology reports are only distributed when finalised and approved.


What happens when my request has been actioned?

You will receive a WA Health secure email via My File Transfer (MyFT) once your request has been completed. You will be prompted to create a MyFT password and activate your account the first time you receive a file via MyFT.

The link to this information will expire within 14 days. Please download a copy of your records.

Please note that this is a protected and secured platform. Only the requesting email will be able to view the information sent. It is essential that the email address listed on the application form is the one you want to access your results.

Your Inbox will display the file/s to download. RPH Radiology reports will be sent in a PDF format. It can be downloaded to your local computer. RPH Radiology images are sent in a DICOM format via a zip file. Please note that Radiology images can only be viewed using a DICOM PACS viewer.


How do I view my RPH Radiology information?

It is important to note that RPH Radiology information cannot be viewed on a mobile device. We do not provide CDs or fax services when distributing RPH Radiology information.

Once you have accessed the MyFT email inbox, download the attached files. Reports are sent in a PDF format and once downloaded onto your personal computer can be opened with programs such as Adobe Reader. Radiology images are sent in a DICOM format. Only a PACS DICOM viewer can read these files.

Radiology images cannot be viewed as jpegs or any other lossy format. If you do not have access to a DICOM viewer, you will need to locate a PACS viewer (e.g. mDICOM via Google search)


How do I transfer information onto my specialist?

Often your Specialist or Allied Health Professional will be aligned with an external imaging provider (e.g. SKG or PRC). The transfer of RPH images and reports to these providers is a direct transfer.

If you are requesting your RPH Radiology information purely to forward onto your health professional, please complete the “Treatment Outside RPH” field on the application form or provide us with the contact details of your specialist.

The MyFT email we send you for your RPH Radiology information cannot be forwarded onto any other person for security reasons, therefore we will forward your information directly to your health professional on your behalf.


Where can I find more information?

Please contact the RPH Radiology Department if you require assistance regarding the process of requesting RPH Radiology information.


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Last Updated: 10/03/2023