Research at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) plays a vital role in the delivery of a high standard of health care in Western Australia. We are committed to a philosophy of further research into all areas of health care, including the prevention, treatment and investigation into the cause of disease as an integral part of maintaining and improving the health status of all Western Australians.

Doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers at RPH and the RPH Research Foundation (external site) use state-of-the-art technology to further clinical research. The Medical Research Foundation is a key provider of high-quality infrastructure, enabling research to be conducted on our campus with a large number of clinical research trials undertaken.

The campus supports world-class clinical research. This has been recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council (external site) and other funding bodies in the form of numerous grants being awarded to our researchers. Our campus now has a growing cohort of investigators with nationally-competitive fellowships.

In recent years the strong link between laboratory and clinical practice at RPH has been demonstrated in a number of 'world firsts' in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. These include the seminal discovery of the cause of stomach ulcers by Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren for which they were named as the 2005 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine.

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (external site) also has a major role on our campus with researchers focused on both clinical and basic research into human disease. The University of Western Australia (external site) is involved in a broad range of basic, epidemiologic and translational medical research. Several other research-intensive organisations have a significant presence on our campus, including Curtin University (external site) and Murdoch University (external site). There is a strong commitment to postgraduate teaching with a range of opportunities for honours and PhD students.

Research Administration oversee the research activities at RPH. The development of the Research Management System (RMS), which is a sophisticated database for the storage and interrogation of research projects, publications and clinical trials, has been a great addition to the research infrastructure on our campus.

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