Forget Me Not Program

Patients living with dementia and delirium are benefiting from the 'Forget Me Not' program at Royal Perth Hospital.

The program is staffed by a dedicated group of trained volunteers, who offer comfort and support to patients with cognitive impairment, specifically dementia and delirium.

The ‘Forget Me Not’ volunteers are able to provide patients with a friendly face, emotional support and practical assistance at a time when they needed it most. This person-centred care can reduce patients’ anxiety and distress levels in an unfamiliar environment, which can assist with recovery.

Image of volunteer with patientIf being a 'Forget Me Not' volunteer sounds like something you are interested in, please check you meet the below requirements before expressing your interest:

  • an interest or experience in older people or people with dementia
  • respect for the beliefs, values and culture of others
  • good communication skills
  • have not experienced a major personal loss in the past year (preferred)
  • ability to contribute as being part of a team
  • over the age of 18.

If you would like to become involved with the ‘Forget Me Not’ volunteer program contact