RPH Research Foundation

For more than 40 years, RPH Research Foundation has been improving our community’s health by funding the world-class medical research, ideas and innovations being undertaken at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and other East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) hospitals and services.

The Foundation works collaboratively with EMHS researchers, doctors, nurses and scientists, as well as professionals from other hospitals, universities and research institutes to benefit all Western Australians.

As a tertiary hospital, RPH’s longstanding reputation for delivering excellent educational and patient outcomes has made it a beacon for great researchers. Over the past four decades, RPH Research Foundation has provided funding to a wide variety of research projects aimed at supporting patient care within Royal Perth Hospital. This includes seed funding Nobel Prize Laureates Dr Robin Warren AC and Professor Barry Marshall AC as they revolutionised the treatment of stomach ulcers, thereby transforming our understanding of ulcers and transforming the lives of millions around the world.

The RPH Research Foundation is proud to support RPH which has become a breeding ground for some of the world’s best medical minds, whose cutting-edge research and impressive clinical treatments continue to benefit Western Australians – and people around the world

The Foundation strives to build on its rich history of research funding through the delivery of its strategic objectives:

  • Enabling success: Facilitating and supporting world-class research.
  • Making a difference: A commitment to ensuring positive impact through our funding and activities.
  • Nurturing innovation: A go-to place where great ideas flourish.
  • Leadership: Leading a local research agenda that delivers positive health outcomes for WA, Australia and the world.

By providing annual funding and in-house facility support to researchers across a range of disciplines, the RPH Research Foundation has become a renowned beacon of hope - where exceptional thinking delivers exceptional outcomes.

To stay up to date with the Foundation's latest news and events, please visit the RPH Research Foundation website (external link).

Chair: Professor Lyn Beazley AO, FAA, FTSE, CIE (Aust.), FACE, MA, PhD, HonDSc, HonLLD

Chief Executive Officer: Cate Cassarchis BA GAICD MFIA AMICDA

Research Grants Manager: Gemma Walker

Leaving a Gift in your Will helps RPH Research Foundation support researchers as they develop new treatments, run clinical trials and make life-changing discoveries. Including a gift for RPH Research Foundation in your Will, no matter the size, will make a real difference to help fund world-class research right here in Western Australia and improve patient outcomes.

If you are considering leaving a bequest to support research at Royal Perth Hospital, we encourage you to contact the Foundation for a confidential discussion.

To ensure your gift is recorded correctly in your Will, we recommend engaging a solicitor. Here’s an example of suitable wording for a gift to RPH Research Foundation.  

I __________ give and bequeath to the Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation Incorporated, of 50 Murray Street PERTH, WA, 6000 (ABN: 62 314 475 885) for the use and purposes of the said Foundation: (select from below list) 

  1. The residue (or % of the residue) of my estate.
  2. ____% of my estate.
  3. A sum of $________ free of all duties, the sum of $ ____________ and/or __% of my Estate and/or Life Insurance (Policy Number _______) and/or the property situated at ________________________ and/or my Residuary Estate for which the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised Officer shall be sufficient discharge. 

Medical advances simply would not be possible without research that underpins our health system, from disease prevention, to improving diagnoses and treatments including new procedures such as those to treat trauma.

In recognition of this, the RPH Research Foundation was established to fund some of the world-class research taking place at Royal Perth Hospital and the East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS). With support received from generous donations and Gifts in Wills, the Foundation distributes funding across a wide variety of areas including cardiovascular disease, emergency medicine research and nursing research.

Your support can help fund this vital research, there are a number of ways to help including:

  • Donation to RPH Research Foundation
  • Leave a Gift in your Will
  • Fundraise for us
  • Donate in memory of a loved one

Note all donations to the RPH Research Foundation are tax-deductible and help support health and medical research. 

For more information, please visit RPH Research Foundation (external website).

Last Updated: 14/04/2023