Overseas Patients

Fees and charges for overseas visitors and students

In Australia, overseas visitors and students are required to pay for the cost of their care. The fees and charges below apply to each overseas visitor or student attending Royal Perth Hospital, Armadale Hospital, Bentley Hospital or Kalamunda Hospital for treatment and/or surgery who does not have a valid Medicare Card and holds a non-Australian passport.

Hospital service


Emergency Department visit
(per visit)

from $384* - $2,215
*Minimum payment/deposit required

Inpatient – same day


Inpatient – overnight



Outpatient and emergency – From $339
Inpatient – various fees


Outpatient and emergency – various fees
Inpatient – various fees


Various fees

Outpatient /Telephone consult

$339 – $351






Medication is non-subsidised for overseas ineligible patients and is charged at cost (plus dispensing and handling fees) for medication supplied at same day, discharge and outpatients.
Charges may apply for inpatient high cost medications.
Reciprocal Health Care Agreement patients are charged at cost for non-Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medications and up to $42.50 (plus dispensing and handling fees) for PBS medications supplies at same day, discharged and outpatients).

Clinician fees, medical and surgical treatment

Medical practitioners charge at 100 per cent of the applicable item in the Australian Medical Association list of medical services

Overseas visitors or students must present a passport, insurance details and a valid credit card. Please note if you are admitted as an inpatient, the hospital may charge a deposit payment for the cost of your care.

Please note out-of-pocket expenses may still apply for overseas visitors who have insurance as your insurance may not cover all your hospital fees. It is your responsibility to follow this up with your insurer.

For inpatient enquiries, please contact the Overseas Patient Liaison Officer; email rph.oplo@health.wa.gov.au, phone 9224 3594 or mobile 0404 894 083.

For Emergency Department enquiries, please contact the ED Patient Liaison Officer; email rph.edplo@health.wa.gov.au, phone 9224 3748 or mobile 0404 894 045.

For all other billing, invoices and payment enquiries, please contact EMHS Accounts Receivable by Email EMHS.AR.General@health.wa.gov.au, phone 1300 715 588 or post PO Box 8529, Perth WA 6849.


Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA)

The RHCA covers the cost of essential medical treatment when visitors from the following countries come to Australia: The United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland), Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Slovenia. Patients from Italy and Malta are only covered during the first six months upon arrival to Australia. Patients will be billed until we have received a copy of their passport and confirmed RHCA eligibility.

Alternative options for healthcare in WA

If you require more affordable options for non-urgent care please contact a GP clinic. The Australian Government's HealthDirect website provides details of your closest GP, alternatively you can call Healthdirect on 1800 022 222. If you are unsure whether your condition is critical please stay in the Emergency Department to be assessed by a doctor.


Last Updated: 29/07/2022