QRious is designed to help you transition from care at Perth Children's Hospital to care at Royal Perth Hospital.

You can find information here about the hospital and general information such as getting Medicare or accessing help from your GP.

A few Outpatient Clinics* also have specific information on QRious. These include:

  • Diabetes and Endocrinology
  • Inborn Errors of Metabolism
  • Nephrology

*An Outpatient Clinic is where you receive care at the hospital without being admitted to a bed on the ward!

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My clinic is....


Community Health

You can manage your health care both in the hospital environment, and in the community.

Examples of community health might be services like your GP, or other services such as Headspace.


Managing My Own Care

At an adult hospital like Royal Perth Hospital, you will have more responsibilities in managing your own care than you may have had at Perth Children’s Hospital.

Your responsibilities as a patient at an adult hospital include:

  • Making sure you know all of your appointments and show up on time.
  • Bringing in the right documents, like test results or referral letters.

My Health Record (MHR)

MHR is an online summary of your health information.

WA Health will automatically upload to your My Health Record so you can conveniently access your health information.

You control what goes into your record, and who is allowed to access it. The MHR also allows you to share your health information with doctors, hospitals and other registered healthcare providers.

There are three approved apps in Australia that can be linked to your My Health Record and My Gov account information - ADHA My Health GovHealth Direct app and Health Now app.

Electronic Scripts

You can ask your doctor for an electronic prescription – sent direct to your phone.




Last Updated: 03/10/2023