Nephrology Clinic

Our Nephrology department provides treatment and education for individuals, and their carers, with kidney disease and other renal disorders. Patients may be referred to us from within our hospital or from the community. They may also be transferred from a different hospital such as from Perth Children’s Hospital.

Our clinics are staffed by Consultant Physicians in nephrology, dialysis nurses, chronic kidney disease educators, social workers, pharmacists and Aboriginal Liaison Officers.

The Renal Clinic is a trial clinic for the QRious project, supporting young people to successful transition from Perth Children’s Hospital to Royal Perth Hospital. We understand that the transition period from the children’s hospital to the adult hospital can be a stressful time. We are hopeful that you will find this information useful. Visit the QRious page to find out more about this project.

Important information for our patients

  • Please do attend your appointments – even if you think you haven’t been managing your kidney disease well recently. You won’t get into trouble. We want to support you to stay healthy!
  • If you do need to reschedule your appointment, you can do that by calling the outpatient clinic on (08) 6477 5118 or the renal department on (08) 9224 8018.
  • Check what you need to bring to your appointment and make sure you have all the right things with you. This usually includes your medication list, and the information about when and where you got your last blood test done.
  • When you come to the clinic, you might need to wait a little while before your doctor or nurse can see you. Bring a book, or something to entertain yourself if you do have to wait.

The transition process

To enable a smoother transition process from Perth Children's Hospital (PCH) to Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), we have established two combined clinics a year around the time of transition.

One clinic will be held at PCH with your usual team and will be attended by an adult nephrologist – your specialised kidney doctor.

The second clinic will be held at RPH and your paediatric team will attend here with you. This will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your new team of doctors and nurses, allow you and your family to ask questions and have an overview of what the adult hospital looks like.

Our goal is to work together with you to provide an easy transition to adult nephrology / kidney care.

Meet the Nephrology Team

Renal Consultants

Dr Khalil Patankar Dr Barry Saker Dr Mark Thomas
Dr Hemant Kulkarni Dr Anoushka Krishnan Dr Reva Manickavasagar
Dr Omar Azzam    

Renal Nurses (chronic kidney disease / dialysis / transplant)

  • Ms Rebecca Bartlett, Nurse Practitioner (chronic kidney disease / hemo-dialysis)
  • Ms Monique Sandford, Nurse Practitioner (chronic kidney disease / vascular access)
  • Ms Juanita Starmer, Clinical Nurse (vascular access)
  • Mr Douglas Crawford, Clinical Nurse (chronic kidney disease / peritoneal dialysis / Fabry disease)
  • Ms Denise Fallon, Clinical Nurse (chronic kidney disease / kidney transplant)
  • Ms Maria Martin, Clinical Nurse (chronic kidney disease / kidney transplant)
  • Ms Melanie McNiece, Haemodialysis Nurse Unit Manager

We have a team of nurses who can help you with lots of different parts of your kidney care. Depending on the stage of your kidney disease, you may meet various people on your journey.

Usually, your nephrologist will request for you to meet a nurse educator when your kidney function is around 15-20ml/min. This will be a one-on-one session where you will be given education on the various types of treatments available for kidney disease. The final decision about your treatment will be made by you together with your nephrologist.

At RPH, we also have kidney transplant coordinators and if you are being considered for a kidney transplant then they will work closely with you. It is important to be in contact with these team members as needed. You can do this either via telephone or via email.

You might be told you need to get a blood test or get blood work done.

If you choose to have your blood tests done at RPH, you can go to Pathwest on Level 3 in Goderich Street (this is the same building as our clinic).

Otherwise you can also choose to get your blood work done somewhere else. There are several PathWest centres around the city. PathWest would be our preferred laboratory. However, if you are unable to access a PathWest lab or would like to go somewhere else, then you can have your blood work done at Western Diagnostics, Clinipath or Australian Clinical Labs.

Please do make a note of where you get your tests done. It might be a good idea to take a photo of the sign or their logo if you think you might forget. This means we can easily find your results. This will enable us to have a useful discussion about your kidney health and your treatment options.

If you have been asked to have blood work done, do try to have your blood tests done in time for your next appointment, ideally a few days before. This is so your results are ready for us to discuss when we meet you in clinic.

It is important for you to take your medications as prescribed by your specialists. We understand that there may sometimes be some barriers to this. We are here to help you and your family work through this and find solutions that work for you.

If you forget to take your medications sometimes, you may find that using a pill reminder app on your phone may help (e.g. Medisafe Pill reminder app that can be downloaded to your phone).

Last Updated: 17/03/2023