Centre for Wellbeing and Sustainable Practice

Royal Perth Hospital's Centre for Wellbeing and Sustainable Practice is our way of saying we care for you. Everybody who enters our hospital is likely to be confronted with situations that may trouble them and disturb their sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The Centre brings together the well-established pastoral care (chaplaincy) service for patients and their loved ones, its associated chaplaincy training unit (previously known as the Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education), and the recently launched wellbeing program for junior doctors.

The Centre for Wellbeing and Sustainable Practice embraces the existing evidence-based wellbeing research programs within RPBG and supports the sustainable delivery of further education and research in the areas of compassionate pastoral/spiritual care, and wellbeing/reflective practice and self-care.

Our programs are unique in their focus on; deepening self-awareness, forming authentic relationships with others, and discern meaning and purpose. We believe these educational programs will benefit not only our own RPBG staff and patients, but many other organisations and individuals across the wider community.

The Centre and its staff are committed to:

  • Enhancing the wellbeing and sustainability of clinicians and support staff.
  • Delivering compassionate pastoral care for patients and their loved ones.
  • Providing high quality education for reflective and compassionate practice.
  • Equipping Wellbeing Champions throughout RPBG and other hospitals.
  • Contributing to a hospital culture which promotes and supports wellbeing.
  • Ensuring best practice through research and collaboration.
Last Updated: 17/03/2023