Consumer Partnerships

Partnering with Consumers to advise on the delivery of our services

The Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) establishes a formal partnership between consumers, carers, community representatives and RPBG so we can better understand the consumer experience allowing us to deliver a truly patient centered service.


In addition to the RPBG CAC, a Consumer and Carer Pool (Pool) has been established to widen the opportunities for RPBG to engage with our service users.

Members of the CAC and the Pool are asked their opinions and advice about our services, policies, publications and projects. They provide support and guidance on relevant issues to improve the hospital experience for patients, consumers, their families and their carers.

The CAC meets monthly and the Pool are contacted as, and when needed. They are both supported by the Patient Experience Department.

RPBG’s overarching aim is to ‘Co-design’, meaning to share the work of decision making, design, delivery and evaluation of our services by listening to and hearing the voice of the consumer/carer throughout all our processes.

If you are initiating a project or would like input from a consumer/carer for any reason, please consider:

  • That consumers can share their own experience enabling a broader perspective to be considered.
  • In what capacity would you like a consumer/carer representative to be involved e.g. committee, working group, ad-hoc workshop or general feedback on policy, publications etc.
  • How many consumers/carers would you need to enable truly representative feedback? The Patient Experience Department can set up workshops with a small number through to a room full of consumers/carers to provide active participation.


Apply to become a Consumer Partner

Royal Perth Bentley Group welcomes applications to our consumer pool at any time of the year. The shortlisting takes place in June and November of each year, however this may fluctuate as vacancies arise.

Please review the Consumer Partners fact sheet (PDF) and application form (PDF) to find out more and apply.

You can also contact the Royal Perth Bentley Group Patient Experience Team on 9224 1637 or email for more information on how you can get involved.

The Royal Perth Bentley Group strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, carers and people with disabilities.

Last Updated: 12/01/2024