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Influenza Vaccinations for dialysis patients and patients 65 years of older

A free trial is underway at RPBG Group to provide influenza vaccinations to suitable patients over the age of 65 and dialysis patients over the 2018 winter months.


  • All patients (including inpatients attending ED)
  • Patients 65 years and older
  • Dialysis patients all ages
  • Mental health patients over the age of 65


  • Patients less than 65 years and day procedure patients.

Before patients are considered for vaccination, Infection Prevention and Management nurses will check that the patient has not already been given a vaccination by reviewing their status in Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). A review of the patient will then be done by the doctor attending the patient using a checklist to assess suitability for each patient.

Consent from the patient will be obtained and a checklist is filled out for each patient to assess eligibility and clinical appropriateness of the administering the vaccine. The patient will not be considered for vaccination if accurate information cannot be obtained. If a vaccination is given, it will be entered in AIR and doctors will include influenza vaccinations that have been administered in the discharge plan for all patients to be provided to GPs.

This is a significant undertaking to improve the health of our community and has involved a great deal of planning and resources. Therefore, the 2018 trial will focus on two vulnerable groups (dialysis patients and patients 65 years of older) as first step. The program will be reviewed at the end of winter to determine its effectiveness with a view to extending it to other high risk groups in the future.