Clinical Pastoral Education

Formation for Reflective, Competent and Compassionate Practice.

Who we are

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. We offer competency-based, transformative education designed to enhance the compassion offered by healthcare professionals, spiritual and religious caregivers, educators, counsellors and others who tend to people during key moments of the human experience. If you or your organisation provides any type of care for people facing sickness or death, danger or opportunity, loss or healing, change or growth, punishment or restoration or any other experience of disorientation, transition, pain or suffering – please read on.

Why Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)?

The CPE experience is designed to enhance self-awareness and compassion of caregiving professionals so that they can more effectively foster resilience and wellbeing in those they serve. The education methods used in CPE were developed in the 1920s and have been continually refined over the past century. There are few, if any, other courses which so effectively blend personal reflection, small group work, theoretical content and practical experience.


As WA’s first and only institution-based CPE program, we are proud to be a core component in Royal Perth Hospital’s nationally and internationally acclaimed Centre for Wellbeing and Sustainable Practice. The Centre provides care for patients, their loved ones and staff through a team of professional chaplains. Our Wellbeing Professionals and Chaplains provide one-on-one and group care for doctors, nurses, allied health clinicians and support staff, and advocate for systemic changes to enhance the wellbeing across the hospital. Research, publication and conference presentations and international collaboration are key aspects to our mission and vision. Our CPE Centre Director and CPE Educator run CPE courses in a variety of formats. This busy and dynamic environment provides our CPE students many opportunities for learning.


We strive to facilitate diverse student groups, including women and men of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, ages, spiritual perspectives and professional affiliations. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in our admissions process without discrimination based on age, gender, race, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or family situation.

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