School Staff Quotes

"I thought the content and graphic images were real eye openers and very relevant"

“Guest presenters were awesome. Sharing their stories were heart wrenching and really hit the message home."

“Absolutely fantastic program! You are all amazing and this program is so worthwhile.”

Student Quotes

“I remembered the Intensive Care Unit because it was very confronting." – 16 year old

“That the choices and risks you make can have life changing consequences." – 17 year old

“When going into the ICU and seeing the little girl in the coma that really hit me, that could be me or someone I love." –  16 year old

“The talks from people who have experienced this first hand, because it really puts things into perspective." – 15 year old

“The impacts these accidents have on everyone, ripple effect." –  18 year old

“I will remember most the patient we visited in the Trauma ward who was only young and now will have to live with his injuries." – 15 year old

“That you always have consequences for your actions because some can mean death." – 15 year old

“The people’s stories. Why, because they are real life people and it could happen to anyone." – 15 year old

Last Updated: 01/04/2022