The Royal Perth Bentley Group Medihotel was developed to bridge the gap between hospital and home. It provides a comfortable space for guests while allowing hospital beds to be given to patients who need them most.

Located on Level 11 in A Block at RPH, the Medihotel has four patient rooms, each with a bathroom and access to a communal kitchenette and lounge area. The Medihotel operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who is eligible to stay in the Medihotel?

The RPBG Medihotel offers much needed short-term accommodation for patients and their carers who have finished their hospital stay and are waiting for transport home or need to visit the hospital for an appointment, procedure or test, prior to a hospital stay.

Clinicians - nursing, allied health and medical - must consider the RPBG Medihotel inclusion/exclusion criteria prior to making an accommodation referral. Referrers can speak with an Ops Hub staff member 24/7on the dedicated MediHotel referral mobile (0424 155 038) for referral advice.

Inclusion Criteria

  • For inpatient referrals: Is ready for discharge with no ongoing inpatient requirements
  • For pre-admission referrals: Does not require inpatient admission prior to scheduled appointments, procedures or investigations
  • Have no suitable short-term accommodation option identified by clinical staff in the metropolitan area
  • Can independently care for themselves or do so with the assistance of a carer
  • Is capable of following emergency procedures

Exclusion Criteria

  • Requires inpatient care; including monitoring or in-patient rehabilitation
  • Are likely to pose a risk to themselves, others or RPBG Medihotel property when in an unsupervised environment
  • There are active concerns for the potential of substance use and behavioural issues within the Medihotel
  • Have no fixed address without an interim accommodation plan (please call the MediHotel referral mobile - 0424 155 038 - to discuss this client group)

It is recommended that clinicians discuss the suitability of the RPBG Medihotel for Aboriginal clients with the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer (AHLO) or other representative to ensure cultural needs and sensitivities are met.

How do I refer patients to the Medihotel?

Eligible patients may be referred to the Medihotel via an eReferral. Please text or call the MediHotel referral phone (0424 155 038) once the eReferral is submitted.

An application for patient transport must be initiated at the time of referral. A completed Guest/Carer Acknowledgement may be attached or completed in the Medihotel by Operations Hub staff.

Please contact the Medihotel Gatekeepers via phone - 0424 155 038 - or email for more information about the referral process or the suitability of patients.

Last Updated: 17/03/2023