Education Centre

The Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) Organisational Learning and Development is responsible for five key areas that are aligned with the hospital's strategic goals. These areas consist of:

  1. Integrating an evidence-based practice approach into the provision of clinical practice
  2. Supporting continuous quality improvement in the delivery of contemporary healthcare through a dynamic clinical audit program
  3. Providing effective education and training for RPBG staff
  4. Facilitating innovation and service improvement
  5. Facilitating and coordinating research development.

The predominant responsibility and focus of the team is to support nursing education. However, the Education Centre embraces a collaborative, inter-professional approach to education which is achieved through active networks and partnerships with key stakeholders in Medicine, Allied Health and Corporate Services.

The department has 14 core portfolios:

  1. Undergraduate Clinical Placements
  2. Graduate Nursing Program
  3. Clinical Audit
  4. Evidence-Based Practice / Policy
  5. Corporate Education and Training
  6. Mental Health Education
  7. Professional Development and Continuing Education
  8. Innovation and Organisational Learning
  9. Service Improvement
  10. Medical Emergency Team Coordination
  11. Resuscitation and Simulation Training
  12. Safe Handling
  13. Aggression Prevention and Intervention Training
  14. Nursing Research

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Last Updated: 17/03/2023