Cell and Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA)

Who We Are

The Ray and Bill Dobney Cell and Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA) facility at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) is a clinical service facility and and advanced therapies manufacturing centre of excellence.

CTTWA is Western Australia's only public TGA-licensed manufacturer of clinical grade cellular therapies.

The current facility was built and commissioned in 2006 following a generous and visionary bequest from the Dobney family.

Core Capabilities

  • Australian code of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant
  • TGA licensed manufacturer, FACT-JACIE and NATA accredited
  • Clinical service delivery and clinical program management with expert quality management personnel and extensive accredited clinical and laboratory quality management systems
  • Clinical therapeutic product manufacturing facilities and services available for academic partners and commercial third-party clients
  • Receives, stores, distributes and prepares cell and gene therapy products for patient delivery
  • R&D capability assists research translation to GMP compliant, TGA accredited products through clinical trials
  • Sponsors, supports and provides consultancy for clinical trials
  • Part of the Australian NCRIS Network and one of the five national TIA Cell & Gene Therapy Capability facilities

Current Activities

CTTWA manufactures a range of autologous and allogeneic cell or tissue derived products for clinical therapeutic applications, supportive care of patients and clinical trials, and distributes these products locally and nationally.

The products manufactured include, but are not limited to, mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), serum eye-drops, mononuclear cells, granulocytes, and haemopoietic progenitor cell grafts (HPCs) from bone marrow, whole blood, and apheresis collects.

A tissue regeneration trial involves seeding bio-printed scaffolds with MSCs for cranial reconstruction.

CTTWA also receives, distributes and delivers cell therapies manufactured elsewhere for clinical use in Western Australian patients. Examples include adenovirus-specific T-cells, and genetically modified products to correct inherited metabolic disorders.


  • ISO Class 7 cleanrooms, (four positive and one negative pressure) and critical laboratory infrastructure
  • Cell processing equipment Sepax, CliniMACS Cell factories and bioreactors Terumo Quantum, Cytiva Xuri, G-Rex
  • Cryopreservation and cryo-storage facilities
  • Quality Control and Assurance including process control and product release testing
  • Integrated building management system
  • Electronic Quality Management System
  • CRISPR capable non-viral genetic modification manufacturing platform
  • AAV handling for in vivo gene therapy

Licenses, Standards and Accreditations

  • TGA licensed to manufacture therapeutic goods (MI-25112004-LI-000212-1)
  • FACT-JACIE accredited: cellular therapy product processing for minimal and more than minimal manipulation since 2014
  • NATA accredited in procedures related to processing, storage and issue of human haemopoietic progenitor cells: Accreditation No. 19786, operating in
  • RCPA quality assurance program
  • ISBT 128 registered and compliant since 2008
  • FDA Registered since 2006


logos of LAC and NATAFACT Seal in gold


  • Fully trained, specialist personnel with documented competencies in facility operations, manufacturing, testing and quality
  • Clinical Quality Management personnel with extensive regulatory compliance experience
  • Strong, respected working relationship with national regulatory agencies and policy development authorities
Last Updated: 17/03/2023