We are one of the PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA (external site) laboratories, based at Royal Perth Hospital. We manage the core biochemistry laboratory and the special chemistry laboratory, and incorporate the central specimen reception area and Phlebotomy service.

We have a 24-hour comprehensive clinical biochemistry laboratory and perform an extensive range of tests for our hospital and also for other hospitals, laboratories and clinics. Our areas of special expertise include:

  • calcium and bone metabolism
  • cardiovascular genetics
  • dynamic function tests
  • biochemical investigation of endocrine disorders
  • lipid and lipoprotein metabolism
  • stone analysis
  • vitamin metabolism.

We provide medical and scientific expertise through specialised laboratories staffed by a skilled team of professionals including clinicians, medical scientists, laboratory technicians, technical assistants, laboratory assistants, Phlebotomists and clerical staff.

Last Updated: 17/03/2023