Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

The Anaesthesia and Pain and Perioperative Medicine Department provides 24-hour, comprehensive anaesthetic services across both Royal Perth and Bentley hospitals.

Clinical Care

Our department provides care for patients in many areas including:

  • general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia and sedation for emergency and elective surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures
  • preoperative anaesthesia assessment including echocardiography
  • clinical support for pain management, trauma resuscitation, crisis management, airway management, and venous access devices
  • care for those with chronic pain through the Pain Medicine Centre
  • investigation and counselling of those at risk of malignant hyperthermia through the Malignant Hyperthermia Investigation Unit.

Research, Quality and Safety

We have a rich history of contribution to clinical research in anaesthesia and pain medicine. Our research has garnered both national and international funding and has been published in highly regarded peer-reviewed journals of anaesthesia science.

We have a strong commitment to quality assurance and improvement processes including ongoing audit of many of our clinical systems, and regular review of perioperative morbidity and mortality.


We have an extensive portfolio of educational activities, which includes:

  • departmental education sessions
  • education and exam preparation for medical students, junior doctors and anaesthesia trainees
  • examining for the Australian college of anaesthetist’s specialist exams
  • a multitude of course-based educational efforts including; airway simulation and training, crisis simulation, EMAC, ALS, NEXUS, echo training, Post-Graduate Medical Education, and quality and safety education training
  • up-skilling and training for paramedics and remote area GP anaesthetists.


We offer seven different anaesthesia provisional fellowship training streams; airway, malignant hyperthermia, regional, simulation, research, education, trauma and pain.

Learn more on the Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Fellowships page.

Last Updated: 14/04/2022