Electronic Prescriptions FAQs

If you’re new to electronic prescriptions or looking to learn more, this page will help you understand more about them and their features.

Electronic prescriptions are digital versions of standard paper prescriptions we are accustomed to using.

They contain the same information as a paper prescription but have a different appearance. The pharmacy receiving the token can see the full prescription information in their computer system.

They are a QR code (Quick Response matrix barcode). QR codes appear as black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background.

They can be delivered by several different formats:

Currently community pharmacies can dispense electronic prescriptions.

Public Hospital pharmacies are not presently able to dispense electronic prescriptions.

Paper prescriptions are still available.

You can choose to have either a paper or an electronic prescription at your next outpatient appointment at Royal Perth Hospital.

If you require a prescription at your next scheduled Royal Perth Hospital outpatient appointment, you will be offered the choice of receiving your prescriptions electronically.

During the consultation you will receive your electronic prescription(s). This will be via SMS, email, a printed token or active script list. Your prescriber will check with you (or the nominated recipient) that the electronic prescription has been received.

You don’t have to have any technology to use electronic prescriptions.

If you have a mobile phone or a computer, you will be able to receive your electronic prescription via SMS or email.

No, a My Health Record is not a requirement to use electronic prescriptions.

Electronic prescription systems are secure.

They must meet a number of privacy and security measures.

Currently most community pharmacies can dispense electronic prescriptions. Approximately 90% of pharmacies are registered for this service.

Public Hospital pharmacies are not presently able to dispense electronic prescriptions.

Present or send your electronic prescription to your community pharmacy. Remember to check that your pharmacy is electronic prescriptions ready.

The pharmacy will scan the QR code and prepare your prescription.

To receive your medication either:

  • attend the pharmacy in person
  • organise for a home delivery.

If you have repeats, a new SMS/email/printed token will be provided when you get your medicine from the pharmacy.

There are several benefits to using electronic prescriptions:

  • Saves you time – streamlines prescription processing.
  • Instant scripts in your hand – for telehealth appointments we don’t need to mail your scripts.
  • Keeps your scripts organised – removes the need for handling and storing a physical paper prescription (especially if you sign up for an Active Script List (external link)).
  • Safe and secure scripts – strict regulations in place.
  • Safer prescriptions – enhanced mechanisms to assist prescribers and pharmacies.
  • Good for the environment – reduces paper usage.

We recommend checking that your token(s) have been received prior to the end of your medical consultation.

No, the choice of whether you get an electronic or a paper prescription is always yours.

Yes, all repeats issued with the initial electronic prescription will also be electronic.

Any repeats will have new tokens issued once the prescription is dispensed. You will need to keep the new token for the next time you need the medicine.

The majority of pharmacies can accept electronic prescriptions.

Next time you visit your pharmacy have a chat to the Pharmacist.

Each medication prescribed will have its own token.

If you have been prescribed multiple medications, you will receive multiple tokens.

If you have repeats, the community pharmacy will send you a new token for your next repeat at the time of dispensing.

Tokens can be only used once. This is because each QR code is unique.

If your prescription has repeats, separate tokens will be issued.

Community pharmacies can determine which token has been used.

To best manage your tokens:

  • Delete tokens after they have been dispensed
  • Use Active Script List (it will organise tokens for you)

If you lose or don’t receive a token generated during a Royal Perth Hospital Outpatient appointment you will need to contact the Royal Perth Outpatient Dispensary Pharmacy.

For issues with repeats, contact the pharmacy that issued the repeat.

Contact us

Royal Perth Outpatient Dispensary Pharmacy
(08) 6477 5083
Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm (excluding public holidays)

A carer can collect your medicines using an electronic prescription.

You will need to send them the token with the barcode so they can give it to the pharmacy to unlock the electronic prescription.

If your pharmacy offers home delivery:

  • Forward the SMS or email to them so they can scan it; or
  • Call them to validate your ID so they can access your Active Script List

An increasing number of prescribers, particularly GPs are using electronic prescriptions. At Royal Perth Hospital, only Doctors working in select outpatient clinics are able to generate electronic prescriptions at the present time. We hope to expand this service in future.

Visit the Digital Health website (external link) to learn more about electronic prescriptions and the active script list.

Please contact the Royal Perth Outpatient Dispensary Pharmacy on (08) 6477 5083 or your pharmacy.

Last Updated: 30/06/2022