Aboriginal health

The Royal Perth Bentley Group plays a key role in delivering health care services to Aboriginal people located in the metropolitan, rural and remote areas of Western Australia.

Approximately 12 per cent of our inpatient admissions are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, and 40 per cent of those patients travel from outside the metropolitan area.

As an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander patient we aim to ensure your time here is as comfortable as possible. Royal Perth Hospital recognises the values, beliefs, rights and customs of Aboriginal people and provides a range of services and support to make your time away from home easier.

Royal Perth Hospital respectfully acknowledges the Noongar people both past and present, the traditional owners of the land on which we work.

Services and support

GP Liaison Aboriginal Health

The GP Liaison Aboriginal Health Dr Marianne Wood promotes the delivery of culturally sensitive health care to Aboriginal patients of Royal Perth Hospital. Visit the GP Liaison Aboriginal Health page for more information on specific services available.

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers are based in the Social Work Department in Victoria Square entrance and work closely with the Social Workers attached to the speciality ward area’s that they work on. They can be contacted on 9224 2711.

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers (ALOs) provide cultural support to patients during their stay in hospital. This may involve supporting treating teams with their communication with Aboriginal patients, providing emotional support and completing tasks such as assisting with PATS and Centrelink. The ALOs also assist with linking patients to Aboriginal specific services in both the metropolitan and regional communities.

Cardiology Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

The Cardiology Health Liaison Officer specifically provides services to Aboriginal patients who are admitted to Royal Perth Hospital with heart conditions. To speak with our Cardiology Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer, call 9224 2086 or 0404 894 099 Monday to Thursday, 8am – 4pm.

Arche Health

Arche Health offers a GP Links Service to Royal Perth Hospital patients living in the Arche Health postcode region. GP Links assists with follow up appointments for up to 90 days after being discharged from hospital. Services are available on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, with support available for come country patients. For more information visit the Arche Health GP Links website.

Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service

Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service is closely linked with Royal Perth Hospital and provides a range of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. Please speak to the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer if you would like to be connected with the service.

Country Health Connect

Country Health Connect is a support and coordination service for Country Aboriginal people travelling from rural and remote areas to Perth.  Country Health Connect work closely with Royal Perth Hospital and can provide practical support such as transport for PATS patients who are staying at the Perth Aboriginal Hostels. Please speak to the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer if you would like to be connected with the service.

Aboriginal Hostels Limited

Aboriginal Hostels Limited operates more than 50 hostels Australia-wide to provide accommodation for Aboriginal people who need to be away from home for a range of reasons, including medical treatment. Aboriginal Hostels Limited provides safe, comfortable, affordable accommodation and offer three meals each day during your stay. Please speak to the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer to be connected with this service.

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry is concerned with the spiritual, cultural and social development of Aboriginal people in the Archdiocese of Perth. The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry provides pastoral care to Aboriginal people that include visits to the hospital and home, spiritual preparations including funerals and working together with other organisations dealing with Aboriginal issues. Please speak to the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer to be connected to this service. Alternatively the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry can be contacted directly on 9328 7529.

Other services available:

  • Entertainment
  • Noongar FM Radio - Patients are encouraged to tune into Channel 7 for live broadcasts from Noongar FM radio.
  • NITV - Patients can purchase a paid TV service during their stay. NITV is available on Channel 34.
  • Aboriginal food menu - Our catering staff visits the wards each day to take your meal requests. Ask these staff members if you would like to receive food from the Aboriginal menu.
  • Interpreter services
  • To access Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health/ educational resources please speak to your RPH treating team.

Contact Us

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

9224 2711

Cardiology Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm

9224 2086 or 0404 894 099