Public Wifi

To help you stay connected, East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) provides a free Wi-Fi service at Royal Perth Hospital enabling internet access for patients, families and visitors.

The EMHS Wi-Fi service:

  • is accessible throughout the hospital
  • does not require a password to connect
  • works on most Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • operates at the following locations
    • AHS
    • BHS
    • KH
    • RPH.

Accessing the network

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi (via the settings menu) is on
  2. Search for the ‘HEALTH – Patient’ network in your Wi-Fi settings and select ‘Connect’
  3. A new window will open with the service Terms and Conditions of Use.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and accept if you agree. You will now be connected to the free EMHS Wi-Fi service and can access and browse the internet via your usual browser e.g. Google or Safari. If you choose to decline, network access is unable to be granted and you will not be connected to the network.

Responsible and appropriate use

Users will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of connection before access is provided.

Wireless access provided by EMHS is to be used in a fair and community-minded manner. EMHS reserves the right to limit or block certain websites and/or content that is deemed inappropriate in a hospital environment.

Terms of use

You are responsible for the security of your own device and any online activities and transactions (sent or received), including protection of usernames, passwords, financial and security-based information. 

EMHS technical staff may monitor your use of the Service and can terminate your access at any time in response to a breach of these terms and conditions.

EMHS accepts no liability for the inadvertent patient disclosure of your personal data or information and is not liable for any loss or damage you may sustain as a result of your use of the Service.

By using the Service, you agree to take responsibility for your own online activities and those of the children you are supervising and accept responsibility for the installation of firewalls or other security mechanisms to help protect your device against unwanted digital traffic or downloads, or unauthorised access to, or use of, your personal data or documents.

For more information, please read the ‘East Metropolitan Health Service Wireless Patient Network Terms and Conditions of Use’ that appear on your device when you connect to the EMHS Patient Wi-Fi.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have a problem connecting?

Hospital staff are focused on clinical and other duties and are not able to provide assistance or technical support for the Wi-Fi. If you are having trouble connecting to the free Wi-Fi, or would like to provide feedback please email us at

What websites can’t be viewed and why?

Patient Wi-Fi is limited to light use style browsing only, it is not expected to be used for significant streaming of video services, such as YouTube and Netflix etc and may experience limited service quality.

Patients and families staying at EMHS hospitals can access TV, movies, and other on-demand content (channels) via the TV rental service (where offered).

Cyber Safety guidelines

For the safety of all at Bentley Health Service, the East Metropolitan Health Service promotes responsible online behaviour.

  • While at the hospital, you are not allowed to take or post pictures or videos of other patients or their families or Bentley Health Service staff.
  • Never open emails or links from someone you don’t know or trust.
  • Be kind to others and use acceptable language at all times.