Contacts for GPs

The Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) switchboard can be phoned on 9224 2244.

To speak with a specific doctor, ask the switchboard to put you through to paging and ask for the doctor by name or position. Ensure that you identify yourself as a GP when calling.

To contact specific departments in the hospital, including emergency and ophthalmology, refer to the service directory.

Acute Admission Unit

Acute management / referral of the hospital

Call the RPH witchboard on 9224 2244 to page the AAU Admitting Registrar.

Current inpatients and recent discharges

Call the RPH switchboard on 9224 2244 to page the AAU Ward Registrar.

Elective Surgical Waitlists

Staff members in the Central Admission Services Area manage all Elective Surgical Waitlists. The co-ordinator can take calls from GPs, practice staff and patients with queries regarding patients on Royal Perth Hospital’s surgical waiting lists.

In some instances, it may be necessary to transfer the call to the specialty area concerned or to locate the patient's health record, investigate the situation and liaise with the appropriate staff before re-contacting either the GP and/or patient to inform of the situation.

Phone: 9224 3409

GP Complaints

Please contact the Customer Service Department for assistance with GP complaints. The Customer Service Department manages this process to ensure a timely response.

To change practice details, contact the GP Notify Co-ordinator.

Contact us

Phone: 9224 1637

Operating hours

9am to 5pm
Monday to Friday

GP Liaison Aboriginal Health

The Aboriginal Liaison Service is based in the Social Work department at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH). The service helps to improve communication between staff and Indigenous patients who attend RPH.

It has a role in patient advocacy and cultural interpretation for both patients and health professionals on a one-on-one basis in the Emergency Department and Renal Unit.

Liaison officers work with outside service providers to support the needs of patients after discharge. The GP Liaison also supports and lobbies for services that are aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal people.


  • To work with the Aboriginal community to promote the delivery of culturally appropriate health care to Aboriginal people accessing the RPH Emergency Department.
  • To improve the interaction of hospital and community-based health services for Aboriginal people access the RPH Emergency Department.


  1. Provide support services for Aboriginal people presenting to the Emergency Department that are culturally appropriate to the Aboriginal community
  2. Promote the appropriate use of the Emergency Department, GP and Community health services by Aboriginal people
  3. Improve the effectiveness of communication, discharge planning and patient education for Aboriginal patients accessing the Emergency Department
  4. Improve the effectiveness of communication between community-based services and the Emergency Department

Contact us

Liaison GP (Aboriginal Health): Marianne Wood
Phone: 9227 1631

Hospital Liaison GP

The Hospital Liaison GP is a practising GP based at Royal Perth Hospital for 10.5 hours per week. The Hospital Liaison GP works closely with the Aboriginal Health Liaison GP.

The Hospital Liaison GP works on system issues to improve patient care as they move between Royal Perth Hospital and care in the community in collaboration with the WA Primary Health Alliance (external site), and consults with other primary health care agencies, the Department of Health and other Hospital Liaison GPs regarding GP/Hospital interface issues.


  1. Provide a General Practice perspective on patient care at RPH
  2. Assist communication between the hospital and GPs with regard to patient care
  3. Represent General Practice in strategic planning and policy development within the hospital
  4. Participate in the development of collaborative initiatives involving the hospital, General Practice, WA Primary Health Alliance and other health care agencies
  5. Liaise with WA Primary Health Alliance and the GP community on issues pertaining to the hospital / GP interface
  6. Develop a perspective of Hospital / GP related issues at a state and national level.

To provide feedback about GP interaction with Royal Perth Hospital, contact the Hospital Liaison GP. Your feedback is much appreciated, vital to achieving improved patient care and communication.

Contact us

Hospital Liaison GP: Dr Jacquie Garton-Smith
Phone: 9224 3261

Queries from General Practitioners (GPs)

To ensure prompt action, queries from GPs regarding a patient or clinical service should be directed to the relevant specialty registrar or consultant in the first instance. They may be contacted via hospital switchboard on 9224 2244. The Liaison GP generally handles queries from GPs when the registrar or department has not been able to assist.

Queries from patients or relatives

The Liaison GP is unable to take queries direct from patients or relatives. These should be directed to the relevant department or Customer Liaison Office on 9224 1637.

Operating hours

9.30am – 2.45pm, Monday and Thursday (subject to change to accommodate meetings)


Urgent outpatient referrals

  • For urgent outpatient referrals contact the Registrar or Consultant of the specialty team via the switchboard.
  • Fax referral information to the fax number provided.

Non-urgent referrals

Contact: Central Referral Service
Fax: 1300 365 056
MMEx Secure Messaging:

For more information about RPH's outpatient processes, please visit the outpatients page.

Patient information (except for current inpatients)

Health Records Management Department

Phone: 9224 2071 or 9224 271
Fax: 9224 1125

A faxed request on the GP practice letterhead is preferred. The fax must include:

  • full patient name
  • date of birth
  • medical record number (if known)
  • information requirements
  • patient signature (not required if the requesting practice is listed on RPH systems as the patient's current GP).

For urgent patient information contact the consultant, registrar or resident of the team that has been caring for the patient.

Recent results (for older results refer to patient information)

Pathwest Biochemistry, Haematology and Coag

Phone: 9224 2422


Phone: 9224 2444


Phone: 9224 3361


Phone: 9224 2466

ECG / Exercise tests

Phone: 9224 2031


Phone: 9224 3290

Imaging Services

Phone: 9224 2125 or 9224 1087
Fax: 9224 2912

Gastroscopy / Colonoscopy

Phone: 9224 3348