There are a number of resources available to GPs when communicating with Royal Perth Hospital. These technologies are used to notify GPs when one of their patients has been admitted or discharged from the hospital, or to provide them with patient updates.

Care management plans

The Care Management Program (CMP) application aims to improve the discharge processes for patients by providing a comprehensive patient-centred discharge tool for multidisciplinary discharge planning.

A care plan identifies:

  • patient problems
  • management goals
  • interventions to meet goals
  • identify people responsible for those interventions.

Care plans are written in plain English and are a comprehensive resource for the transition from hospital to community based care, enabling patient self-management where possible. For more information contact the Care management Program Coordinator.

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Discharge summaries

Discharge summaries completed for patients who have a My Health Record will be uploaded to their My Health Record unless they request otherwise.

Electronic discharge summaries can be sent from Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) to a patient’s nominated GP using secure electronic messaging or by fax. At this time RPH cannot reliably tell which summaries have been successfully received by other means, so a copy of each inpatient discharge summary will continue to be sent by mail even if you opt to also receive it electronically or by fax.

To enrol for electronic or faxed discharge summaries or to update your practice details, please email or phone 9224 7066 and provide the following information:

  • your Practice details (including Practice name address, phone, fax)
  • a list of all current GPs at your practice including their provider numbers
  • your practice’s EDI code for secure electronic transmission, which can be obtained from your secure messaging provider.

Contact information

If you experience a problem with receiving discharge summaries electronically, please contact your secure messaging provider’s help desk in the first instance. For further assistance HealthLink can be contacted on 1800 125 036.

Emergency summaries

Communik8 is a summary of an emergency presentation that is faxed to the patients nominated GP.

The notification provides information about:

  • attendance
  • treatment provided
  • future care plans

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GP Notify

GP Notify is an automated notification system that informs GPs of:

  • patient admission
  • patient discharge
  • patient death.

When a patient is admitted, discharged or dies, the automated computer system will inform the patient's nominated GP by email or fax of the update.

GPs will receive an enrolment confirmation the first time such an event occurs. The form needs to be completed and faxed for automated notifications to continue.

To receive notification via fax or email: you will receive an enrolment confirmation form the first time an event occurs on one of your patients. Once the form is completed and returned via fax, automated notifications will commence.

For email: due to the Patient Administration System used across WA Health, only one email address can be registered for GP Notify per practice. The email address for your practice is preferred over individual email addresses. Please note GP Notify is old technology that cannot be sent by secure messaging.

If your contact details change or you wish to change preferences, notify the GP Notify Coordinator. Please note that GPs are responsible for ensuring their details are correct and ensuring fax machines or computer systems provide adequate privacy after transmission.

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Phone: 9224 2810
Fax: 9224 2860