State Major Trauma Unit turns 10!

Photograph of State Major Trauma Unit team
February 14, 2018

The State Major Trauma Unit (SMTU) had a great reason to celebrate today with the marking of the service’s 10th anniversary since inception.

Director of the SMTU and an integral link in its development, Mr Sudhakar Rao, stressed it was a team of people and no individual person who contributed to the ongoing success of the unit when cutting the cake to celebrate this milestone.

He said while medical practices and procedures had changed over the past ten years, one thing that never changed was the care and dedication of the staff within the unit.

Reflecting on its history, Sudhakar attributed the unit’s original national and global attention to its adoption of a multi-disciplinary approach to major trauma – a cutting edge approach at the time.

“This unit really is one of a kind not only in Australia but also New Zealand,” he said.

“Today, we also care for patients both inside and out – with physical and emotional factors are taken into account and treated.”

In acknowledging the “amazing team” that makes up the SMTU – now and since the beginning – he said key programs such as the adoption of the World Health Organisation’s “Brief Intervention” and the unit’s award winning P.A.R.T.Y program were really making inroads in highlighting the dramatic effect a major trauma has on the patient involved and their family and friends.

“It has been my pleasure to work with everyone involved in the SMTU, as we celebrate the vital role it plays within RPH and indeed the State.”