Star patient at Shenton Park

May 28, 2014

Katie Fergusson has been a patient at Shenton Park Campus (SPC) since August last year and has come a very long way in a short time. Whilst on a nine week holiday across South America, Katie suffered a spinal cord injury leaving her with paralysis in both legs. 

Katie arrived at Shenton Park as an inpatient, working exceptionally hard with her SPC physiotherapist Sarah Procter up to December when she returned home.   “Katie is a tough, motivated and dedicated patient,” Sarah said. “She engages so well with her rehabilitation and has reaped the results.”  

As an inpatient since January this year Katie has continued to work very hard, attending SPC three times per week for up to three hours per session. She is now able to walk with minimal assistance from Sarah.  

“Sarah has been an amazing physio and we have developed a really close friendship during the time I have been here,” Katie said.  

On Sunday 25 May, Katie participated in the HBF Run for a Reason 4km event in her wheelchair, and has so far raised more than $12,000 for the Spinal Cord Injury Network.  

“My rehabilitation at Shenton Park has been everything to me and has given me the confidence to start participating in events like this again,” Katie said. The Spinal Cord Network works closely with the rehabilitation service at SPC, providing new equipment and opportunities for patients to participate research projects.