RPH Professor to receive NHMRC Funding

Professor Leon Flicker outside Royal Perth Hospital
August 21, 2018

Congratulations to Royal Perth Hospital’s (RPH) Professor Leon Flicker who  has received funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for a Practitioner Fellowship to pursue studies to Maximise Health for Older Australians.

The five year Fellowship will focus on the main areas of: 

•survival, disability, frailty and health services in older people
•identification of health needs and interventions for older Indigenous people
•preventing falls in older people presenting to hospitals
•equipping Australia to deal with Dementia.
Professor Flicker says his multi disciplinary research is clinically focused in order to inform evidence-based outcomes, diagnoses and treatments that are to the benefit of patients, health services and policy makers.   

"It is important that the evidence base that we use to shape the health services of the future for older Australians is developed holistically and in collaboration with other health disciplines,” said Professor Flicker. 

“We are currently seeing rapid population growth in those Australians in their ninth and tenth decade and the availability of this evidence can be used by policy makers to ensure we are fully prepared for the needs and services of older Australians,” he said.  

Professor Flicker is a clinical geriatrician, researcher and academic who has worked at RPH since 1998. 

Congratulations again, Professor Flicker.