Public access to Royal Perth Hospital main walkway restricted

Photograph of RPH main walkway
March 23, 2020

From Monday 23 March general public access to the Royal Perth Hospital Level 3 Bridge has been restricted as part of our ongoing response to managing COVID-19 and social distancing measures.

There are as many as 10,000 people that use the Level 3 Bridge as a walkway to work, school and other places surrounding the hospital and public restrictions are required in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

To reduce the level of foot traffic around the hospital, the use of the Level 3 Bridge and RPH walkway has been restricted to only RPH patients, staff and their visitors.

You will have noticed there has already been a significant reduction in the number of people within the main hospital walkway as part of our work to reduce foot traffic and comply with social distancing measures. These include:

  • removal of seating at Victoria Café to reduce group gatherings
  • signage within the hospital to encourage social distancing.

Appropriate signage will soon be placed at McIver Station to keep the general public informed of these restrictions.