Medihotel opening a success

August 14, 2020

Since opening on 4 August, the Royal Perth Bentley Group Medihotel is already showing what an invaluable service it provides to some of our most vulnerable patients.

The Medihotel provides short-term accommodation for people who have finished their hospital stay and are waiting for transport home, or for people who need to visit the hospital for an appointment, procedure or test.

The service has four private guest rooms, each with a bathroom, and access to a communal kitchenette and lounge area. Each room has the capability to accommodate a carer.

In the first week there were seven guests who were able to enjoy these brand-new facilities. Each guest has their own unique story that led to them staying in the Medihotel, and each highlights why the service is so important for the community. Here are some of their stories:

  • A man in his 70s from the Wheatbelt was booked in at RPH for a total hip replacement. After struggling to find accommodation, the patient was able to stay at the RPBG Medihotel before being admitted for his surgery. As he had difficulty organising transport and accommodation prior to his surgery, the Medihotel supported his access to care. 
  • An Aboriginal woman in her 40s from the Kimberley was at RPH after fracturing her arm and undergoing surgery. When she was clinically cleared by her team, no other suitable accommodation could be obtained before her flight the next day. She was checked-in to the RPBG Medihotel with the assistance of the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer. She stayed overnight in the RPBG Medihotel and was connected with the WA Country Health Connections team, who escorted her to the airport for her flight in the morning. Her journey from hospital to home was eased by being able to stay at the RPBG Medihotel and supporting services.
  • A woman in her 40s from the Kimberley came to Perth with a chest infection requiring intensive care support. She was cleared in the late afternoon and being unfamiliar with Perth she was assisted by an Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer to obtain food for her stay and check-in to the RPBG Medihotel. Her flight was early in the morning so Royal Perth Bentley Group’s Operations Hub staff assisted with a wake-up call and escorted her down to the taxi rank to depart to the airport.

For these guests the Medihotel alleviated a lot of the stress our country patients experience when they travel to Perth for medical reasons. Through the collaboration and teamwork of RPH’s frontline staff, Royal Perth Bentley Group’s Operations Hub and the WA Country Health Service, we can ensure country patients feel more comfortable and are receiving the best possible care.

With referrals to the service significantly increasing after the successful first week, we thank everybody for embracing the service so quickly.

You can watch the virtual tour to view the facility and learn more about the what makes this such a unique and innovative addition to our health service.