Improving safety in Hospital Records at Royal Perth

April 1, 2014

The Occupational Health and Safety Unit at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) and the Health Records Management Service have implemented a number of strategies to improve safety and efficiency throughout their workplace.  

Krystal Stubbs, A/Supervisor of Hospital Records Management Services (HRMS) says  improvements were first identified after staff and safety representatives recognised a number of issues, resulting in an audit to get new safety programs in place.  

Key changes have included the relocation of the department which enabled the creation of ergonomically efficient office workstations which are now assessed regularly.  

“We have achieved significant success with the redesign of the office workspace to be more ergonomic,” Krystal said. “This has created a more efficient use of the space for storage as well.”    

Out dated work processes have also been reviewed, with staff participating in workshops to identify areas needing improvement. This has resulted in a more streamlined balanced workflow.  

A staff information monitor has also been set up to display risk assessment results, policy updates, safety exercises and the contact details of safety representatives.  

Krystal says the monitor is a useful tool to provide easy access to important information for all employees in the department.  

“In addition to these improvements, we also distribute a new monthly departmental newsletter that outlines OSH information and policy updates, keeping staff up-to-date on changes throughout the department.”  

Staff also have access to proactive safety representatives, who work alongside managers to identify and resolve occupational safety and health issues to ensure safe work environments throughout RPH.  

These innovative solutions have gained positive feedback from staff, with the RPH Executive commending the improvements after a recent Safety Walk conducted earlier this month.  

“We recognise that excellence in work safety is an ongoing process,” Krystal said. “We are committed to recognising areas of improvement and working alongside management to continuously improve occupational health and safety.”