Goatcher Intern of the Year

January 14, 2015

When Dr James Preuss was a child he was admitted to the Emergency Department (ED) with what he calls ‘foolish injuries’.  

As foolish as his injuries may have been, his visit to the ED sparked a passion for medicine that would see Dr Preuss complete an internship at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), and achieve success as the Goatcher and Goatcher Clarke Intern of the Year in Medicine and Surgery.  

 “As a child I was fascinated by the fast-paced nature of the ED, and became determined to pursue a career in medicine,” says Dr Preuss.  

“When I didn’t quite reach the entrance requirements to study undergraduate medicine, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology at UWA, during which I spent a year working in the Department of Anaesthetics at RPH.”  

After graduating with honours in Pharmacology in 2007, Dr Preuss spent the next five years studying medicine, completing Bachelor degrees in Medicine and Surgery in 2012, before enlisting as an intern at RPH in 2013.  

“To have received such positive feedback about my time as an intern, when you often question your abilities, is very rewarding,” says Dr Preuss.  

“When looking at previous recipients and the doctors they are today, I am honoured to receive the Goatcher and Goatcher Clarke Awards.”  

The awards were established in 1991 by Emeritus Consultant Mr Phillip D Goatcher to recognise an intern who exemplifies the Servio values of RPH, Latin for ‘to serve’.  

Dr Preuss has an interest in Anaesthetics and has been accepted into the Anaesthesia Training Scheme with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetics, commencing in February.