Free and Simple – antibiotic approval codes a WA Health Excellence Awards finalist

Photograph of Free and Simple team
November 5, 2018

Royal Perth Hospital’s Free and Simple – antibiotic approval codes project has been recognised a finalist for the WA Health Excellence Awards for improving safety and quality.

Antibiotic approval codes were implemented for restricted antimicrobials at RPH in June 2016. These codes are provided by specialist clinicians and indicate approval for the best use of the restricted antimicrobial and help to ensure that they are used for the correct amount of time.

The project is a form of antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), which is based on the principle of ‘using the right antibiotic, at the right dose, for the right amount of time’ to reduce antimicrobial resistance and subsequent healthcare associated infections.

Antimicrobials that carry the highest risk of contributing to resistant bacteria or those that have more risk of toxicity are ‘restricted’ to use only with specialist input. Reducing any inappropriate use of antimicrobials helps to minimise the risk of antimicrobial resistance developing.

Since introducing the codes at RPH there has been significant improvement in the transparency of the approval process and increased engagement of prescribers, nurses and pharmacists in the provision of ‘high-risk’ antimicrobials.

Congratulations to the Free and Simple – antibiotic approval codes implementation team.