Award for long serving volunteer

January 28, 2014

Volunteers at Royal Perth Hospital generously dedicate their time and effort, offering invaluable services to the hospital and day to day operations that are undertaken.

Long serving RPH volunteer, Mrs Phyllis Ware OAM, was honoured at Government House with a 50 year Volunteer Service badge in recognition of her enormous voluntary efforts.

Phyl commenced her role as a volunteer at Royal Perth in General Service of the Friends of Royal Perth Hospital on 31 October 1962. She then became leader of General Service in March 1985, a position she held until she was nominated as chair of the Friends Leaders in 2009.

Throughout her time at Royal Perth, Phyl has been relentless in demonstrating a highly developed ability to manage various areas of the hospital with patience, compassion and a renowned sense of humour. In her current position as chair of the Friends Leaders Council, Phyl continues to provide support and guidance for the Friends of Royal Perth.

Phyl was among six other Western Australians who were recognised as long serving volunteers for the longevity of their selfless contributions. Congratulations, Phyl.

To get involved with the Friends of RPH, please contact their office on (08) 9224 2036.