Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care program at RPBG

Photograph of ANMC group
December 10, 2018

On Monday 1 October Royal Perth Bentley Group marked another exciting milestone in its journey to becoming Australia’s safest Healthcare Group when the hospital began the first phase of the Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care (ANMC) program journey.

As part of our organisation’s 1000 Day Challenge, ANMC will help our staff to ensure we do no patient harm while assisting our nurses, midwives, clinical and support teams to work together to improve our patients’ healthcare journey.

The first stage of the program has three important components to ensure that as a high performing team, our organisation is always reaching and driving for better outcomes and experiences, for not only our patients and their families, but for improved safety outcomes and workplace satisfaction for our staff.

The three core components of the ANMC program (phase 1) are:

  • team nursing – a team of nurses with a variety of skills and knowledge deliver care under the leadership of an appropriately skilled nurse or midwife.
  • shift safety huddles – conducted at the start of each shift where the oncoming nursing and midwifery team and the outgoing shift coordinator meet prior to bedside handover to review key safety risks and patients of concern on the ward.
  • bedside handover – increasing patient engagement by ensuring all handovers involving the patient are conducted with the patient/carer present.

The ANMC program will assist Royal Perth Bentley Group in its commitment to patient harm and the ongoing development of our services.