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Health hubs are about having multiple health services located in one place.

A health hub is a place where multiple different health, social, and community services are located, usually in the same building. For example, a health hub might include a doctor’s surgery, psychologist, radiology clinic, and physiotherapy under one roof.

Hubs are different from hospitals, which are usually larger, and focus almost exclusively on health problems (especially when they are very serious). However, hubs may often partner with hospitals and even deliver some of the hospital’s services in a more local context.

Hubs are a way of implementing a modern approach to health care called "place-based systems of care" which creates convenient places in the community where people can go to receive all kinds of care, in a convenient and connected way.

In designing the Byford Health Hub, we will need to determine the right mix of social and health services based on the needs of the community – and consider how they will work based on a range of factors, including the money available to run them, the organisations that might deliver them and the model of integrated care.

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale developed early concepts and a Business Case for the Byford Health Hub. 

In February 2021 the State Government made an election commitment to support the delivery of a Byford Health Hub, including $30.6 million to fund the project. 

The East Metropolitan Health Service is responsible for coordinating its planning and delivery. EMHS has embraced the opportunity to partner with the Shire to build a healthy community that fosters healthy people.

The Byford Health Hub is in line with recommendations of the Sustainable Health Review (SHR), which sets directions to drive a cultural shift away from acute hospital-based care to prevention and seamless access to services at home and in the community.

The Byford Health Hub is planned to be included on the Shire Civic Reserve, which is part of the Byford Town Centre activation projects, and will provide services for the Serpentine Jarrahdale community.

The health hub is intended to be built in the centre of Byford as part of the Byford Town Centre.

Further details about the location and plans will be provided as soon as available.



September 2023

  • Request for Information released for Service Providers to register their interest in being involved in the hub, open for 6 weeks September – November 2023.


December 2022

  • Council in considering options for the site which include a crown subdivision or a lease indicated its preference for a lease arrangement. This preference was communicated to East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS).
  • A draft Heads of Agreement was prepared by the Shire to work collaboratively with EMHS towards a mutually beneficial outcome for the disposal and management of the facility. Council previously resolved (15 August 2022) to support the draft Heads of Agreement and for the Shire to continue negotiations with EMHS to then present a report back to Council once formal feedback had been received.
  • The Shire received correspondence (18 November 2022) from EMHS advising the Shire its preferred position for a crown subdivision of Reserve 53923.
    A further report is to be presented to Council to consider the preferred crown subdivision rather than a lease of the land to construct the Byford Health Hub. 

August 2022

  • Draft Heads of Agreement has been prepared based on negotiations to date with EMHS. Council Endorsed these terms which will now be formally considered by EMHS. A further report will be presented to Council to detail the Business Plan and Intended disposition of the property.

May 2022

  • Council adopted the Master Plan for the Civic Purpose site in Byford Town Centre, which will inform future decision making relating to business planning and land disposition for the Byford Health Hub site.

February 2022

  • Council Note Management Order Secured for the Community Purpose Site. This completes an important step in securing the future civic needs of the Shire to accommodate the future Byford Health Hub.

December 2021

  • Community and Consumer (CaC) Advisory Group and Service Provider and Clinician (SPaC) Advisory Group established to provide advice and support to the program. 

August 2021

  • Interagency Steering Committee established to provide oversight and approval as part of the Program Governance.

June 2021

  • East Metropolitan Health Service Byford Health Hub Program Management Office (PMO) established to support and coordinate the program.

February 2021

  • Serpentine Jarrahdale Council endorsed Byford Health Hub Business Case. 
  • State Government committed $30.6 million for the Byford Health Hub.

What was the RFI (Request for Information) for the Byford Health Hub?

An RFI was released in September to November 2023 to identify interested service providers who may want to operate out of the Byford Health Hub in the future and gauge the needs of such service providers. This RFI results will inform the type of agreements, contracts, and designs for the Byford Health Hub. The RFI has now closed, should you want more information and stay informed please let us know by completing this survey to be on the mailing list.

How much will it cost for my service to be delivered out of Byford Health Hub (BHH)? 

The proposed BHH Agreement model is likely to be a lease or licence arrangement with a fee for each area to be calculated based on market value, service considerations, amenities etc. Other sessional and one-off room hire charges will be incorporated into a standard fee structure. The exact cost is to be determined, following the Request for Information (RFI) process.

Will I be paid by EMHS to deliver a service at the BHH? What is the leasing/licencing costs?

The proposed BHH model does not include the purchase/payment of health and social services by the State Party. EMHS is therefore seeking service providers with the capability, resources, financial capacity to deliver services within the BHH and to cover the costs of leasing/licencing the space in the BHH. 

My organisation offers services for multiple streams. Can I register interest for more than one?

Yes, service providers are encouraged to register interest for all relevant streams that they would have the capability, resources, and financial capacity to deliver within the BHH. 

Will there be an opportunity to influence the physical design of the BHH?

Service providers have been encouraged to share any key infrastructure design elements they require to deliver services as part of the RFI process. These will be considered where possible as a part of the lease and/or licence arrangement in the future.

Will there be an opportunity to influence how the Integrated Service Delivery Model will work in practice?

Service providers are encouraged to provide feedback on the Integrated Service Delivery Model as part of the RFI process. 

Who will run the BHH?

The Armadale Kalamunda Group will provide Corporate Governance oversight of the Byford Health Hub. The operational/day to day management of the BHH will be coordinated by an onsite EMHS team, who will help support the needs of the service providers and the consumers/patients. 

What are the intended opening hours of the BHH? Is there flexibility in operating outside of these hours?

There will be flexibility based on the needs of the providers and consumers, with EMHS facility staff anticipated to provide support from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. 

Will services need to be financially accessible for consumers?

Ideally, services should be affordable for community members – out of pocket costs for consumers should be low, and bulk billing should be available where possible. 

Will the BHH duplicate services in the area?

As a core principle of the Hub’s design, EMHS will strive to avoid duplication of services already readily available within the community. It is anticipated that the BHH will fill, where possible, needs that were identified in the community.

How long will agreements be in place for?

The RFI process has and will continue to assist with the assessment of the length of agreements that EMHS engages with each service provider. 

What will agreements look like?

The RFI process has sought to identify service providers who can participate in the BHH, which will inform agreement content in the future.

Can I register to deliver services in partnership with another provider (i.e. as a consortium)?

Yes, service providers are welcome to register services as a consortium in partnership with another provider.

When will Hub services go-live?

It is planned that the BHH will be operational late 2026 (subject to building timelines).

What is the timeline of the BHH development?

**Please see the timeline on the website for further details. 

What is the BHH Integrated Service Delivery Model?

The purpose of the BHH Integrated Service Delivery Model is to depict a high-level approach to service integration, with a lens on the connection and collaboration mechanisms between the services to work as an integrated Hub. The model is underpinned by a series of principles and operational enablers that will support collaboration between services and with the wider community. 

What are the benefits of delivering services in the Hub?

Service providers that participate in delivering services at the BHH will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Purpose-built spaces - to support core service delivery.
  • Flexible-use spaces - to enable the Hub to adapt over time to deliver services that meet the changing needs of the community.
  • Affordable leasing/licencing in an area of significant population growth.
  • The opportunity to be part of an innovative integrated service delivery model – to enable coordinated care and a streamlined experience for the consumer.
  • Contemporary and ideal location - Close to the main shopping complex, and adjacent to the future Byford METRONET train station, Byford Bus depot, and proposed new future Library.
  • Virtually enabled – Access to rooms that are fully virtually enabled.
  • Welcome on entry – A common reception for a “no wrong door’ approach with reception staff to welcome clients.
  • Community Care Navigators - A service led by EMHS that supports consumers to navigate health and social services, providing: referrals, coaching, coordination, advocacy, and education.
  • Facilitated opportunities for free networking and capacity building.
  • Modern facilities to support staff wellbeing and collaboration (including end-of-trip facilities, bookable spaces).
  • Opportunities to collaborate for research and innovation.
  • Security and building maintenance.
  • Boosted foot traffic through co-location with other health and social services.
  • Opportunities support the holistic needs of consumers through interagency referrals.
  • Easy access to multidisciplinary suite of services with a range of expertise.

Will there be potential opportunities for collaboration, research and funding for service providers in the BHH?

There isn’t a current research opportunity available through the BHH, however it is likely opportunities will develop in the future and that these opportunities may be shared between service providers where relevant.  

When will BHH service providers be selected?

It is anticipated that this process will take place from December 2024 and into 2025.

What other services will be housed in the BHH?

Services proposed for inclusion in the BHH include:

  • Community care navigation that supports consumers to navigate health and social services, providing referrals, coaching, coordination, advocacy, and education. 
  • A Healthy Community Initiative focused on building healthy environments and supporting healthy behaviours, with an emphasis on practical intervention.
  • Child health services including health and developmental checks, immunisation advise/services, school health nursing and support to families with babies and young children (0-5 years).
  • Extended primary care service / Urgent Care Clinic (UCC)
  • Community services including aged care and disability support, private allied health and social services.
  • Enhanced primary mental health support (adult-focussed), aimed to prevent progression of users’ early signs and symptoms of a mental health or AOD issue as well as connecting people to other services.
  • Outpatient specialist clinics.
  • Pathology collection.
  • Clinical education and training for university students.

For a complete list of proposed BHH services and their descriptions, please refer to the RFI documentation.

How can I receive updates on the Hub? 

Please register your interest on the BHH website -  The Byford Health Hub - Service Provider Mailing List (

Will there be opportunities for services that operate for free to run sessions to hire or use spaces in a flexible format (e.g., Once per month)?

The BHH will aim to have opportunities for organisations and services who require casual and irregular use of services, however exact number of hiring spaces is to be determined once the full time and part time arrangements with Service providers has been coordinated. We have encouraged providers that offer a free or reduced cost service to the community to submit their requirements in the RFI (which was open between September and November 2023) or through The Byford Health Hub - Service Provider Mailing List (  

Has the evaluation matrix for the future BHH arrangements been determined?

No, this has not yet been determined and will be shaped by the feedback received in the RFI process.

Last Updated: 14/03/2024