Consumer Advisory Council

It is important for our hospital to have a consumer focus, looking at what it is like to use our services, as a patient for example. A Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) was established to help us understand the consumer experience, allowing the hospital to provide the care and services that people need.

Through the CAC, local consumers and communities can help us to make the best decisions when it comes to planning our services.

The Council's role is to:

  • advise on strategies to enhance and promote consumer, carer and community participation, including the development and implementation of the strategic Community, Carer and Consumer Participation Plan
  • identify and prioritise issues requiring consumer and community participation
  • participate in relevant hospital committees/meetings/forums to provide a consumer perspective
  • review information provided to patients and consumers of our services
  • participate in the broad strategic planning and service development process
  • assist in developing and monitoring key performance indicators for service quality and accessibility.

Contact details

Customer Liaison Manager

Phone: 9224 1637
Fax: 9224 3487