Photo of Aida Morynko, Kanako Ohara, Lisa Forsyth and Megan MargariaThe Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) Haematology Department provides a specialist tertiary service that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of blood, bone marrow, lymphatic diseases and disorders of blood clotting.

The service offers a comprehensive range of open treatment options, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, autologous stem cell transplant, cellular therapy and a wide range of clinical trials.

Our department receives referrals from general practitioners, public and private hospitals in Perth, and is available to consult on any haematological concern for those patients admitted to other specialities such as the State Major Trauma Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Theatre at RPH.

We work closely with many other clinical departments to provide a specialist tertiary service.

We are a tertiary referral centre for the Perth East Metropolitan Area, Kimberley, Pilbara and the Wheat belt.

We are a leading unit in the management of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Myeloma and Lymphoma. Our service includes a large multi-disciplinary team of physicians, specialist nurses, dieticians and social workers who provide multidisciplinary care for patients.

We are committed to supporting our network of hospitals and community health services.


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Level 2, South Block
Wellington Street campus

General Haematology, Haematologic Malignancy and Stem Cell Transplant

Phone: 9224 2405
Email: sharon.holt@health.wa.gov.au

Clinical Trials

Phone: 9224 8503
Email: RPH.HaematologyTrials@health.wa.gov.au

Operating hours

8am to 4:30pm
(Monday to Friday)

8:30am to 12pm
(Monday to Thursday)