Outpatient clinic room locations

Your outpatient clinic location

The location of your outpatient appointment is decided by the type of care you need, as determined by your doctor or healthcare professional, and which healthcare professional is best to deliver that care.

Please note that your outpatient clinic may not be at the same place or clinic as someone you know.

Notifying you

You will receive a letter with details about your appointment. These details include location, date, time and contact details for your next appointment.

This information will be provided to you prior to your outpatient clinic appointment, so you can make any necessary personal arrangements.

Clinics at Royal Perth Hospital

Outpatient clinics are allocated to locations around the hospital which best suit the needs of the clinic and our patients.

For directions to your clinic, view the hospital map or visit the enquiries desks located at the Victoria Square and level 3 North Block entrances to the hospital.

Clinic locations

Goderich Street

Corridor 1 and 2

■ Gastroenterology and Hepatology

■ Infectious Diseases

■ Immunology

■ Mental Health

■ Respiratory Medicine

■ Spinal Clinic

Lower Level 3

■ Endocrine and Diabetes

■ General Medicine

■ Geriatric Medicine

■ Podiatry

■ Rheumatology


Corridor 3 and 4

■ Complex Wound Care

■ Dermatology

■ General Surgery including Trauma

■ Nephrology

■ Palliative Care

■ Spinal and Scoliosis

■ Vascular Surgery


Ground Floor

■ Elective Orthopaedic

■ Orthopaedic Trauma


Level 5

■ Plastics


South Block

Level 2

■ Haematology

Level 4

■ Cardiology

■ Cardiac Rehabilitation

■ Cardiometabolic: lipid and hypertension

Level 5

■ Dental Clinic

■ Maxillofacial Clinic

Level 7

■ Neurology Clinic

■ Opthalmology

Level 11

■ Chronic Pain

■ Urology

North Block

Level 3

■ Breast Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema

■ Breast Service and Surgery

■ Breast Clinical Psychology

Ainslie House

Level 4

■ Sexual Health

Nicolay Block

Level 4