GP Liaison Aboriginal Health

The Aboriginal Liaison Service is based in the Social Work department at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH). The service helps to improve communication between staff and Indigenous patients who attend RPH.

It has a role in patient advocacy and cultural interpretation for both patients and health professionals on a one-on-one basis in the Emergency Department and Renal Unit.

Liaison officers work with outside service providers to support the needs of patients after discharge. The GP Liaison also supports and lobbies for services that are aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal people.


  • To work with the Aboriginal community to promote the delivery of culturally appropriate health care to Aboriginal people accessing the RPH Emergency Department.
  • To improve the interaction of hospital and community-based health services for Aboriginal people access the RPH Emergency Department.


  1. Provide support services for Aboriginal people presenting to the Emergency Department that are culturally appropriate to the Aboriginal community
  2. Promote the appropriate use of the Emergency Department, GP and Community health services by Aboriginal people
  3. Improve the effectiveness of communication, discharge planning and patient education for Aboriginal patients accessing the Emergency Department
  4. Improve the effectiveness of communication between community-based services and the Emergency Department

Contact us

Liaison GP (Aboriginal Health): Marianne Wood
Phone: 9224 3055

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