Voluntary Transport Association seeking volunteers

January 28, 2014

The Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) Voluntary Transport Association (VTA) is seeking new volunteers to continue the invaluable service to patients that has been integral to Royal Perth Hospital for the past 78 years.

The VTA is the longest serving volunteer organisation at RPH, providing transport services to patients who require travel assistance throughout the metropolitan area for almost 80 years.

“The Voluntary Transport Association plays an important role in patient care” Heather Collins, Coordinator of Voluntary Transport said. ‘The service provides transport assistance to patients who otherwise would not be able to visit the hospital for their appointments”.

The VTA is currently seeking volunteer drivers to donate their time to this free (to eligible patients) patient service. Volunteers are provided with a reliable fleet vehicle to transport patients to and from the hospital, offering enormous scheduling flexibility. Volunteers have the option to work in the morning or the afternoon and can specify how often they volunteer.

In 1950, the association consisted of 20 volunteers who drove a combined total of 7,000 kilometres. However, as our city continues to grow, so does the demand for this invaluable service. There has been a significant increase in the selfless contributions of the VTA since it was established, comprised of 87 volunteers who travelled a total of 357,473 kilometres in 2013 to assist patients who require transportation.

As well as providing patients with access to excellent medical care at RPH, the Volunteer Transport Association also raise money from donations received from patients that use the service. In 2013, the Voluntary Transport Association donated a staggering $40,000 to RPH, money that has been used to purchase new medical equipment for the hospital.

“All of our drivers gain much satisfaction out of helping our patients” Heather said. “It is a wonderful environment to establish new friendships, create memories and give something back to the community”.

If you, or somebody that you know would like to become a Voluntary Transport Association volunteer and assist patients with transport to and from the hospital, contact Heather Collins, Coordinator Voluntary Transport on 9224 2054.