Ultrasonic healing changing lives

May 22, 2015

An innovative method to treat chronic wounds is changing the lives of RPH patients, relieving them of pain they have suffered for years.

The Wound Management Clinic's Low Frequency Ultrasonic Debridement (LFUD) uses a low frequency ultrasound wave technique to destroy damaged tissue in a patient’s wound.

Wound Management Nurse Practitioner Donna Angel said LFUD is effective because it isolates damaged tissue and ensures healthy tissue remains intact.

“We have treated around 46 patients using LFUD and the majority have achieved excellent results,” said Ms Angel.

Donald Moore, a 78-year old Northam local, had been suffering from a venous leg ulcer since 1987 and said the results have been phenomenal.

“I saw results within a week of the very first treatment and after only six, 30-minute treatments my life was changed,” Mr Moore said.

“Before the treatment, the wound placed many limitations on my day-to-day life. The pain meant I had to use crutches to walk, and a lot of my time was taken up with applying daily dressings and trips to the local hospital.”

LFUD is a medical advancement not only restoring a sense of normality to patients’ lives, but providing results to conditions patients have been dealing with for years.