SAFEty after hours

December 15, 2015

 A brand new model of after-hours care is being introduced to Royal Perth Hospital early next year.

The Safety After-hours for Everyone or ‘SAFE’ model of care aims to improve our after-hours service for both patients and staff. The model has a number of key goals which include:

• zero harm for patients after hours
• reduce patient mortality after hours
• a team approach to safe and quality patient care
• creating a culture of care progression rather than maintenance
• introducing a more transparent and equitable distribution of workload.
The new model will see the introduction of a multidisciplinary SAFE Team, in place from 3pm to 8am daily as well as all weekend and public holidays. The team will include a clinical lead who supports a team of dedicated junior medical officers, a senior nursing team and allied health staff.

Royal Perth Hospital Staff Development Educator Service Innovation Katherine Birkett said the SAFE model is expected to bring a range of benefits to staff and patients.
"The hope is to improve patient access to safe and timely care and ensure staff feel supported when working in the after-hours period,” Katherine said.
“By creating a focus on progression of care during after-hours, we also expect to improve patient outcomes.”