Rural and remote Hepatitis C patients travel reduced

Photograph of the Liver Service team
October 31, 2017

Royal Perth Hospital’s Liver Service team are reducing the amount of times their rural and remote Hepatitis C patients have to leave the comfort of their town and travel to city-based hospitals for treatment. The improved treatment options has received a finalist nomination in the upcoming WA Health Excellence Awards.

The new process helps rural and remote General Practitioners to, in consultation with liver specialists, prescribe the Hepatitis C therapy to patients. This helps our patients receive essential care quicker and easier.

Chronic Hepatitis C can be associated with conditions such as liver failure and liver cancer. To help medical professionals provide a better service of care for rural and remote patients, Royal Perth Hospital has implemented a Remote Consult Request Form.

Since implementation in 2016, more than 260 forms have been received by the Royal Perth Hospital Liver Service. The majority of these requests were approved for community therapy and did not require patients to attend a city-based hospital. In turn, this has reduced chronic hepatitis C hospital waiting times by approximately 50 per cent.

Congratulations to the RPH Liver Service, we wish you all the best at the awards night.