Royal Perth Hospital welcomes pet therapy

Photograph of Meisha
June 21, 2018

Royal Perth Hospital is supporting the great benefits to patients from an Assisted Animal Therapy program. Visits by Delta Therapy team member Dayana and her dog Meisha recently commenced each Saturday for the patients of Ward 2K.

With the aim of facilitating patients’ progress toward therapeutic goals, the staff of Ward 2K have noticed that the patients’ anxiety levels and mood improved when the pets visited the ward.

Senior Occupational Therapist Suzanne Wallace said the first month of visits have been very successful and everything has gone smoothly.

“The nursing staff noticed a positive change in the patient’s mood after the first visit,” she said.

Each week approximately eight patients are visited by Meisha and the patients have said that both Dayana and Meisha look fantastic in their uniforms. It is thanks to the vision of the nurses led by ward manager Jane Armstrong, that enabled this project to go ahead.

Bentley Hospital (external link) also began pet therapy last year.

For more information please visit the Delta Society website (external link).