RPH nurse takes on Cambodia

Photograph of Sam Jenaway at conference
February 22, 2018

Late last year, RPH nurse Sam Jenaway and Independent Nurse Educator Kareen Dunlop travelled to Cambodia to present several at conferences, supported by the Rotary Club of Osborne Park. The conferences were held at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital and Calmette Private Hospital (in Phnom Penh, Cambodia).

Nurse Unit Manager Sam Jenaway said the conference at the Calmette Private Hospital went well.

“It was great to see the Medical Director talking about the importance of communication and respect of your patients, and how to go about this,” Sam said.

“We also learnt the importance of good translation by our translators, as one or two words were translated wrong which totally confused the attendees.”

The second infection control conference saw many attendees from around Phnom Penh and regional areas attend, with approximately 120 attendees in total.

“The study day reflected all the hard work and contribution Kareen has made to really making a positive change in their hospitals to improve infection control practices and care of patients” Sam said.

“We would really like to extend our thanks to the Rotary Club of Osborne Park for their support,” Sam said. “It was a privilege to be able do something we love, and in turn have the opportunity to help others less fortunate than us.”