RPH gets bright and colourful for Loud Shirt Friday

Photograph of Loud Shirt Friday
October 20, 2017

Royal Perth Hospital staff wore their 'loudest and brightest' shirts on Friday 20 October in support of international doctor's wellbeing day.

Loud Shirt Friday is an inaugural event which is being held nationally by doctors-in-training, and aims to shine a light on mental and physical health issues among doctors.

“Loud Shirt Friday is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in raising awareness for doctor suicide and wellbeing” said Dr Peter Nguyen.

“It’s an easy way to promote awareness and make ‘loud’ something that’s normally not spoken about.

“Working in the healthcare industry it is really easy for us to grow compassion fatigued, and this in turn can spill over to our compassion for our colleagues.

“With junior doctors having substantially higher rates of psychological distress compared to the general community, the entrenched stigma is the biggest barrier stopping doctors from seeking support. Dr Nguyen added. “It’s not okay for us to normalise the rate at which doctors are taking their own lives.”

Further details can be viewed on the Loud Shirt Friday website.