RPH CAC Community Update

June 9, 2015

Petrina Chair, RPH Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Our Council is currently made up of 12 consumer, carer and community volunteer reps plus 4 RPH staff. We will be recruiting soon, so if you have the time and would like to be involved in taking RPH CAC forward please let us know.

We make recommendations on draft publications,  sign-age audits, food audits, performance indicators and have representatives from CAC on RPH committees for example Disability Access and Inclusion, Smoke Free, Partnering with Consumers, Medication Safety and South Metro Health Service CAC. 

Recently RPH CAC 'walk arounds' commenced in the outpatients and transit lounge where we speak to patients, carers & family members and report back to our meeting as to what their experience has been at RPH and how we can improve. For example when at outpatients we found that there is a concern on waiting times for pharmacy products. Some patients advised that they had made a special trip to RPH to obtain their medication and they asked why they could not go closer to home, for example their local pharmacy. RPH is now looking  into this and will report back to RPH CAC in the next couple of months.

You will notice changes to RPH as you walk around with our RPH People Banners plus Screen presentations covering consumer education some including members of our CAC!

We now have a Director of Consumer Engagement who is supporting us all to keep consumers and carers involved in all aspects of RPH, we welcome your comments and suggestions.