Patients embrace outpatient survey

September 15, 2016

A new patient experience survey at Royal Perth Hospital Outpatients has been a huge success, with 435 responses received in the first week.

Outpatients Manager Ros Jones said after the successful trial of the survey in the cardiology and spinal/ scoliosis clinics earlier this year, the survey was rolled out to all outpatient clinics at the beginning of August.

“Patients are sent an SMS after their appointment asking them to complete the survey electronically,” Ros said.

“We not only received a high number of responses in the first week, but 82.5 per cent of our patients said they had a good/excellent experience in the clinic.

“Judging by the fantastic response rate we have had so far, patients are obviously embracing the opportunity to provide feedback in this way.”

As well as patient demographic information the survey includes:

  • pre-appointment process
  • clinic check in and environment
  • appointment, communication and check out
  • an overall score
  • opportunity for general feedback.

As a part of the survey, each speciality will receive a quarterly report on the responses received for their area.