Outpatient Refreshment Kiosk helping staff and patients at RPH

Photograph of Outpatient Kiosk staff
January 8, 2019

The Friends of Royal Perth Hospital have been hard at work to ensure that their latest enterprise, the Outpatient Refreshment Kiosk, continues to deliver the level of outstanding service that has been appreciated by RPH staff, our patients, their families and carers for many years.

Under the stewardship of Friends Outpatient Service Leader Marjorie Semple, the tea and coffee service at the Goderich Street clinic has grown from trolley service that completed twice daily rounds of the clinic, to a stand-alone kiosk available for patients and families to purchase refreshments from throughout the day.

Marjorie Semple was a driving force behind this project and contributed much of her own time to developing the concept and working with Outpatient staff, RPH Engineering and the Friends of RPH Leader’s Council to ensure the successful development and commissioning of the kiosk.

The kiosk offers an assortment of tea, coffee, snacks, and a small number of treats to ensure that our patients and their families are made comfortable while they wait for their outpatient appointments.

Acting Outpatient Operations Manager Kim Hill praised the Friends for their ongoing commitment and support that they have shown staff and patients at Goderich Street, and thanked the volunteers for the significant contribution they make to help improve our patients experience while they wait for clinic appointments.

“The Outpatient Team, our patients and I have an absolutely heartfelt appreciation for the volunteers at the Friends Outpatient Refreshment Kiosk,” said Kim.

“When I started in this role [Outpatient Operations Manager] sixteen months ago, there were considerable complaints around access to, and the quality of refreshments and snacks in the Goderich Street Outpatient Clinics.

“Since the Kiosk opened in March 2018 I have had no such complaints and have been very impressed with the warmth and community spirit that has been achieved through this fantastic addition to our clinics.

“The volunteers are diligent and caring to the patients, giving them a wonderful experience as some people can wait in clinics for quite a long time.

“The display of snacks and drinks are very inviting, with the team promoting a real buzz of community, friendship and warmth. This initiative has been a wonderful addition and its popularity can only grow further.”

The kiosk is open Monday – Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays), from 9am to 3pm (closes at 2.30pm if clinics are finished) and is open to all consumers, including staff.