Limelight on research for patients suffering from incurable Bone Marrow Disease

Photograph of Dr Teng Fong Ng
April 16, 2018

RPH Haematology Fellow Dr Teng Fong Ng has recently been awarded a research fellowship from Department of Health, focusing on myeloma patients.

The patients that will be the subject of his research attend Royal Perth Hospital and other hospitals within WA Health.

“This fellowship allows me to take a step back from my normal clinical work and provides me the time and resources needed to build skills as an early career investigator,” said Dr Ng.

The research fellowship allows him to devote at least 50% of his time in 2018 to the research, which involves laboratory benchwork and clinical outcomes study.

“My first objective is a retrospective review of clinical outcomes of public patients who have multiple myeloma within the WA Health system,” he said.

“Secondly, I am in the process of setting up a myeloma tissue bank within Cell and Tissue Therapies WA (CTTWA), to collect and store bio-specimens for future pre-clinical studies of upcoming innovative therapeutics.

“Lastly, I aim to improve the clinical process and clinical trials portfolio at RPH for multiple myeloma patients.”

Dr Ng said he is excited that RPH is making a move towards innovation, specifically research.

“More funding means a larger focus on quality improvement projects and innovative pre-clinical research work. Hopefully, this can translate to better clinical outcomes,” added Dr Ng.